Investment management


AT HARVIS, Successful value adding investment management doesn’t happen by chance. At Harvis, our innate traits give us a rare ability to harness the full potential of our client’s assets.

No matter the asset class, Harvis is a safe set of local hands to manage and add value. We provide;

  • Financial modelling and feasibility analysis
  • Established Local State and Federal Government relationships and networks
  • Strategies to optimise or rationalise management teams
  • Local business development networks and a hands on understanding of operating business in many sectors across Western Australia.

We’re generous with our time and knowledge - you only get out what you put in. 




Having spring-boarded from leading real estate investment firm Sirona Capital, we dig deeper to unearth the latent qualities that exist beyond the obvious.

At Harvis, we enjoy the challenge, whether it be navigating government or management team personalities, we are attracted to delivering results for Western Australian communities and outsized financial returns for our clients. 

We selectively engage in opportunities where existing value, growth and investment potential align. It’s strategic restraint – and it reaps rewards.

Let Harvis help you harness the true potential of your capital.