Traditional capital doesn’t think and act like Harvis. Spring-boarded from leading real estate investment firm Sirona Capital in 2018, Harvis RETAINS a team of proven financial performers with a single-minded purpose – help our clients harness abundance.

In a world of vanilla equity deals and property plays, our in-depth strategic analysis and experience in complex environments unearths compelling opportunities.

Harness abundance with our tools, knowledge and expertise, the Harvis way.

We are hardworking West Australians.

From turning around companies to realising the value of land across WA, our local background has taught us the importance of being authentic, decent and looking after the greater good of the whole community.

We have a big focus on land

Land value in Western Australia is often misunderstood and underrated, offering a compelling risk/return trade that is too often overlooked. Acquired judiciously, land has an intrinsic value that is rarely lost, protecting your wealth while accruing tax effective gains.

We help companies grow and prosper

Genuine matters. Authentic value is only created in companies driven by a clearly articulated purpose that motivates its executives and employees. At Harvis, we help companies that provide value for society, not quick fixes to prop up investment returns. We support companies that benefit all of their stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers and the communities in which they operate.

We are quick to respond

Being boutique means we are nimble, refreshing and flexible, with the ability to respond quickly to opportunities, and to you. With Harvis, you enjoy a depth of engagement that is unexpected in our industry. We are true partners, operating as an extension of your interests. To achieve this, we go beyond quarterly performance reports to make ourselves available 24/7.

We go against the grain

Thinking differently is how we pinpoint potential, tracking trends and opportunities. The moment you decide it’s time to do something about a challenging (yet rewarding) situation, Harvis will open your eyes to a new and exciting perspective. 

We don’t fear complexity

Be bold, be brave, never settle. Armed with deep analysis capability and a healthy respect for risk, the Harvis team thrives in complex scenarios. In fact, we’re drawn to it. That’s because, ultimately, we’re drawn to unearthing investment opportunities that reap the most rewards for you. 

We invest alongside you

At Harvis, we’re proprietary investors that put our own capital to work in the assets and situations we choose to invest in. With a stake in the success of our investments, you know we’re committed to careful management.

Our international experience means we know the importance of governance and compliance. But unlike larger firms, we are nimble, fast acting and flexible, knowing when to act swiftly and when to be patient.

We respect risk

With a foundation in land investment and corporate restructuring, we have a strong respect for risk that extends to all facets of our business. 

Honesty, integrity and discipline lay the foundation of our ethos. We strive to find and structure investments that protect our clients’ capital while generating sustainable value appreciation.